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Around Asia in 80 Days. Oops, 83!

John Guy LaPlante (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4252-3 ©2007
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 284 pages
Category/Subject: TRAVEL / General

An old newspaperman goes poking through 10 of Asia’s most exciting cities and comes home with his notebook full and his camera loaded. Many tips. You’ll enjoy! You’ll learn! You’ll save!

The author of Around the World at 75. Alone, Dammit! follows up with Around Asia in 80 Days. Oops, 83 Days! He wanted to miss nothing! He covered a slew of colorful cities. He had his sister Lucie along part way. Lucky him. Again he had his notebook in hand and his camera around his neck. He give us 100,000 words of fascinating prose, but also 300 photos, plus 32 original Travel Tips. You’ll enjoy the book, learn much, and be excited to get going yourself. You’ll have a better trip and save money.

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Customer Reviews

  Not Limited to the Elderly! , 10/01/2007
Reviewer: Art Woznicki
John Guy LaPlante, Septuagenarian extraordinaire, has done it again! Following his earlier book, "Around the World at 75, Alone Dammit", he has written, "Around Asia in 80 Days, Oops, 83", at the tender age of 77! Mr. LaPlante’s new title, like his earlier one, would seem targeted to an elderly readership hankering to travel. However, both titles could be misleading. His work is not restricted to any age group. The book, like his earlier one, has appeal for readers of all ages seeking to explore the world; especially Asia. This book, like his first, is similarly handy. It’s filled with suggestions, clever hints and anecdotes. LaPlante’s newer book is also loaded with photos. Are you seeking helpful travel suggestions, packing tips, money savers and witticisms with a little philosophy thrown in? Then you must add, "Around Asia in 80 Days, Oops, 83!", to your library. If you are not a traveler, read it anyway. It’s a chance to learn about Asia in an entertaining fashion through the eyes of a life-long experienced traveler and wonderful storyteller.

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  LaPlante's travel experiences shared , 10/02/2007
Reviewer: michael mittelmann
"Oops" is defined by Webster's as a term to express mild, apology, surprise or dismay. This travel book, author John Guy LaPlante's second, needs no apology nor deserves any expression of dismay. The reader will, however, be surprised and very pleased at how easy it is to review the 18 Chapters and to glance at the B & W photographs. Most of the latter are quite small because of publishing constraints; but would offer much if future budgets or editions allowed for larger selected color prints. Some would be "classics". Following the lead of his first book Around the World at 75. Alone, Dammit!, LaPlante provides 36 Travel Tips. Though most of them we've heard about, he turns on the spin from down-to-earth personal experiences & hardships. That's what should be really meaningful to prospective travelers. A few Tips are posted at the end of each Chapter. Unfortunately, they aren't indexed by subject matter or topic. Once again, here's another excellent book to add to the Travel Section of local libraries or the reader's own bookshelf & travel bag.

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