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WOWideas! from A to Z

Kevin Jameson (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4420-8 ©2008
Price: $18.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 0 pages
Category/Subject: TECHNOLOGY / Inventions

From automobile airbag to airplane, from shopping cart to earth orbiting satellite, from Barbie® doll to Lincoln Logs®... these 150+ wondrous innovations made our world a better place to live and often a lot more fun! Learn their amazing origins.

Inside WOWideas! A collection of the World’s Greatest or otherwise notable United States Patents, you’re sure to find products you use everyday, most of which had very humble and amazing origins.

From automobile airbag to airplane, from shopping cart to earth orbiting satellite, from Barbie Doll® to Lincoln Logs®… these 150+ wondrous innovations made our world a better place to live and often a lot more fun!

Enrich your understanding and importance of the United States patent system and in the process, use your inventive mind to create new ideas from history’s past.

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Customer Reviews

  A great read, full of surprises! , 10/22/2008
Reviewer: James McAward
If you suppose that Kevin Jameson’s “WOWIdeas! From A to Z” is just a book about patents, you are only a bit right. This book is a rare delight: a collection of the odd and commonplace gathered and presented in a style both reverent and humourous. WOWIdeas! is not just a collection of the goofy and the useful: it is a window onto the hopes and dreams of the inventors. Come learn surprising facts about the people who brought you the ballpoint pen, restaurants with rotating floors, and – yes – both the industry’s leading mousetrap and the first genetically-engineered mouse. Who were they? What else did they bring into to the world? And most importantly, what were some of them thinking? These are among the gifts of this excellent book. Some may have heard that actress Hedy Lamarr was a co-inventor of frequency-hopping radio, used in the day to control torpedoes on the sly but now a core part of the world’s communications infrastructure. Fewer know that the man who brought us the static-free car radio also brought us the corporate jet. And no one knew that William Lear had another invention up his sleeve, long gone but still prized by 1970’s buffs and long-haul truckers: the eight track cassette player. As one who has wasted many a perfectly good afternoon surfing through some of the more bizzare offerings of the US Patent office, I can attest to the great time you’ll have with this book. You’ll learn more about people you’ve heard of, gadgets that you use every day, accidental but useful inventions (like Nylon) and things better left uninvented (let us not speak of the device that purports to keep an animal’s head alive after the animal is no longer attached.) Read “WOWIdeas! From A to Z”, and enjoy the many surprises that Mr. Jameson has in store for you. And then? Will we see your big idea in the next edition? Will you see mine?

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  Fun and interesting read , 05/04/2009
Reviewer: Sheryl
It was really interesting - I finished it in one sitting. The stories behind the ideas are fascinating - especially the unintentional innovations like the development of nylon. It is a great reference to get a brain storming session started.

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  A fun book for people who love innovation , 04/02/2011
Reviewer: Ken Addy
Kevin Jameson's book is much, much more than another collection of US patents, he introduces a beautiful collection of diverse ideas that have changed our lives, and adds a bit of sparkle to each of them with some fascinating facts about the inventors and their ideas. This is a great book to kick-off an innovation workshop or a brain-storming session - or in fact for anyone who enjoys creative thinking.

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