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Death Rider

D.J. Stephens (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4550-6 ©2008
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 148 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Westerns

DEATH RIDER is the story of a former mountain man riding the vengeance trail against the Apaches that murdered his fiancé. Many of the dates, people and events are factual, the character of Brodie Jones is fictional.

Death Rider is a historical western. Many of the names, places and events are factual; the character of Brodie Jones is purely fictional.

Brodie Jones had been on his own since he was fifteen years old. He had headed west as a hunter, lived several years as a mountain man and scouted for the Fremont expeditions. At the outbreak of the Mexican War, he was scouting for the US Army.

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Customer Reviews

  He does it again , 02/18/2008
Reviewer: Jorja
Another wonderful novel by D.J. Stephens. As usual a story line full of action and suspense that grabs your attention and holds you captive. His character Brodie Jones has his hopes and dreams taken away from him. The Apaches took away the love of his life and also her family. To Brodie, there is no reason to live other than to seek revenge on those that took Maria. His thoughts are constantly about Maria and the life they had planned together. Brodie is a no holds barred man that believes in standing up for himself. His anger and rage drives him, and he won't let anyone or anything stop him from settling the score. Go with him on his journey to make things right and to make them suffer the consequences of taking those dreams away. D.J. Stephens has an extrordinary story-teller capability. I love the strength of his characters, and the way you become one with them as he brings them to life in everyone of his novels. Death Rider is a great addition to any western library. As with all D.J. Stephens novels, once you pick them up, you can't put them down. Jorja Ziller (store owner)

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  A Sure Winner , 03/20/2008
Reviewer: Cheryl
Action-packed and filled with suspense, Death Rider by D.J. Stephens is a sure winner for historical western fans. Brodie Jones sees his future and all his dreams dashed when an Apache war party descimates the Santiago hacienda and massacres the entire family, including Brodie's wife to be, Maria. With nothing left to live for and hell bent on revenge, the mountain man tracks the Apache warriors from Taos to Mexico and back again. After killing most of the war party, Brodie continues to track the remaining eight Apache warriors, only to find them ambushed and killed by scalp hunters. Now adrift and without a mission, Brodie wonders what he should do next. When a strange event finds him in the position of protecting the Apaches, Brodie's life is changed forever. This is the first historical western I had read in a long time and the first novel by D.J. Stephens I had picked up. For all his toughness, Brodie is a sympathetic character whose entire life is turned upside down by the brutal murder of the Santiago family. Stephens explores through recurrent nightmares and dreams the depth of Brodie's pain and suffering. But Brodie isn't a man to be messed with. He savagely murders those responsible for the deaths of the Santiago family. Stephens' attention to detail brings this story to life and reminds the reader of the dangerous times in which Brodie lived. The cover art is beautifully done. The rider on his horse looking out over the terrain as the storm clouds roll in is both striking and symbolic. I eagerly look forward to reading more from D.J. Stephens. Cheryl - The Book Connection

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