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Always North

Herb Romero (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4877-7 ©2008
Price: $17.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 334 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Historical

Always North recreates a four-century family tree and depicts daily lives of early Spaniard colonists who were instrumental in the development of southwest USA territory. An educational awakening for all generations.

Always North is a sequel to The Adventurers; a saga of a Spanish family intertwined historically with USA beginnings. In 1598, King Phillip II directs resettlement of families from New Spain to a remote northern region that in 1848 would become the American southwest. Spaniard settlers suffer from harsh conditions as young and old keep dying from unknown diseases, while others are killed by raiding Indian marauders. For the first two hundred years, Spaniards follow royal laws of New Spain until 1821 when that dominion is overthrown by a Creole rebellion and Spaniard colonists come under temporary Mexican rule.

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Customer Reviews

  , 10/18/2008
Reviewer: Jackie Koon
From the anticipation of sails over the sea to seeing the golden cities, this book is gripping. As you move forward through the years, the trials and tribulations and the ever movement North, you are caught up in lives of these souls. For many of us New Mexico came into our existence at the end of the Mexican War in 1848. This book takes us to another begining, the 1500's. Take this most fascinating journey. In 'Always North' Herb Romero will grab you and hold your attention, beginning to end. Not only with the travels, the search of the golden cities, but with the documented and passed down family history. More than worth the read.

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  My Congratulations , 10/20/2008
Reviewer: Ben Candelaria
The exact detail that Mr. Romero presents in so many of the incidents is absolutely amazing. I found myself completely immersed in this great saga, hoping that the book would not end. Obviously, I was completely taken in (by the story), and the historical amplification for me of the development of the area where my parents were born. This book presents an amazing accounting of the daily lives of the Spaniards as their culture grew and blossomed with good and bad incidents treated equally as they happened; it will hold the attention of any reader of history. I give this book a very large PLUS and placed it in the MUST READ category. A job very well done by Mr. Romero indeed.

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  Recommended , 10/21/2008
Reviewer: Sam Pool
I have just taken a ride through history on the backs of Herb Romero's ancestors. It was a rather condensed ride, but I witnessed the movement of Spanish settlers into our own southwest in general. On this ride I gained a new understanding of pioneering hardships and the difficulties the Spanish settlers had when the territory they had called home for many years came under the flag of the United States. This should be recommended reading for anyone interested in the development of the southwest United States.

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  Commendation , 11/02/2008
Reviewer: 'Boni' Chavez
I commend Mr. Romero for this literary achievement and recommend this book be introduced into the educational system because it would certainly be an asset in explaining the true history of New Mexico. Being a lifetime resident of New Mexico, Always North brings back fond memories from the detail of daily life to the names of the small towns and use of archaic Spanish language, unique only to our area. I also want to express my appreciation to Mr. Romero for putting together the pieces of our (New Mexico) historical puzzle and therefore a better appreciation of our nation's history. This historical insight was never taught to us in school, but was cleverly explained in this book. As a retired law enforcement career official, I read with great interest at the author's father involvement in legal matters, how his pioneering efforts gave us beneficial laws that continue to govern this great state of ours.

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  This book speaks to the heart! , 11/23/2008
Reviewer: Lydia Smith
Wow, what a wonderful book! It takes me back to my childhood, as I am a native New Mexican. Herb Romero's writing is rich in detail (due to his extensive research) and it speaks to the heart -- inspiring! It is so educational to learn about the customs of our Spanish and Mexican ancestors in the New World. I enjoyed it very much, and would recommend it to be placed in libraries along with other southwestern histories.

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  Always North , 11/29/2008
Reviewer: Hannah Purcell
I found myself engrossed in the sequel “Always North”. I was transported via the rich detail of the character’s daily lives, the struggles of our country’s forefathers. My newfound interest in the southwest and appreciation for the pioneers who paved the way for us all began with “The Adventurers”. It whet my appetite for more of the same. “Always North” is an eye-opening, fresh historical accounting of the southwest. As a teacher of U.S. history, I am eager to share this new, personal perspective with my students and recommend it highly to educational institutions, from elementary to college. A great read for anyone who enjoys a good book!

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