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The Lost Mountain of Sinai

Daniel Speck (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-4996-X ©2008
Price: $19.95
Book Size: 8" x 8" , 176 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Antiquities & Archaeology

A thorough Biblical and archeological study of the most popular theories for Mt Sinai’s true location leads to a mountain which genuinely seems to match the evidence: Jordan’s Jebel Khazali.

Where is Mt Sinai? Many scholars have questioned the traditional location in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula. Various explorers insist they have found the true Sinai, but to which mountain does the evidence really point? These popular theories are carefully examined for their strengths and weaknesses. Every relevant detail of the Biblical narrative, as well as the archeological and historical facts are thoroughly scrutinized for clues that might uncover Sinai’s location. The author then reveals how his search has led him to a mountain that may be the real Mt Sinai: the incomparable Jebel Khazali in Jordan’s magnificent Wadi Rum National Park.

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Customer Reviews

  Fascinating Read , 07/20/2010
Reviewer: Murray Hack
An excellent book. Provides a very thorough analysis on the location of Mount Sinai. This book wonderfully examines the Scriptures as the key to unlocking the true location. This book provides great insight in to the return of the Lord Jesus Christ and the correlation to the Israelites Exodus from Egypt.

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