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Appalachian Angels

Sylvia DeLee Davis (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5071-2 ©2008
Price: $12.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 108 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / Spirituality

As the icy waters filled her car, Christy wondered if she was doomed to drown. She thought about her new-born baby son at home. Would she ever see him again?

Appalachian Angels is a collection of personal essays by Kentuckians who share their near-death experiences and angel encounters: Anna Jones comes to believe in angels when the car in which she is riding crashes head-on with another vehicle; Robert Kimsey realizes that his beloved late grandmother is never far away when she appears by his side during a serious illness; Don Riddell is advised by a mysterious doctor in the emergency room not to have surgery; Jennifer Escobar comes face to face with a night stranger when her car stalls; Angela Matthews encounters her late grandparents after an automobile accident.

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Customer Reviews

  Excellent , 01/15/2009
Reviewer: Anne Congleton
These are wonderful stories by women and men about their near death experiences and Angelic encounters. The book is very well put together with beautiful front cover photography. These are stories one can read over and over for inspiration and would make a wonderful gift for anyone who has lost a loved one. It is comforting to know "there is more".

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  bias review , 01/16/2009
Reviewer: Denise
As a contributor, my review will be biased! However, as a whole, the book is a lovely and inspiring collection. It would make a nice gift to encourage someone who may be struggling spiritually.

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  , 01/16/2009
Reviewer: Carolyn
They say not to judge a book by its cover, but when I saw the beautiful cover photo of Appalachian Angels I knew there must be great things inside. I was not disappointed! The stories are heartwarming and poignant, sweet and bittersweet. Yet all of them uplift and inspire the spirits! It would make a great gift for all the Angels in your life.

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  Contributor's Review , 01/18/2009
Reviewer: Jaana
Appalachian Angels is an encouraging collection of personal essays telling about angelic help and near-death experiences. This book shows that there is more to life than our eyes normally see. The stories inspire and comfort. If you are looking for a message of hope for this life and beyond, you will find these stories to be the heavenly touch from God above.

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  INSPIRED , 01/20/2009
Reviewer: Sandra
What a must-have book for any collector! From the awesome front cover to the back page, there is reason to keep turning to the next page and the next, reading and re-reading. Ms. Davis, as the editor as well as a contributer, has compiled this treasure to have and to hold and to share.

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  Unique yet Universal , 01/22/2009
Reviewer: Glenda White
These stories come from so many different places in life, but the voice throughout is consistent; we are more than we can ever imagine, we are connected, and what we do and how we think has an effect on everything! It is also good to be reminded, yet again, that we are not alone. Help is closer than we usually think. These particular stories speak to me with a particularly Appalachian voice, yet I am certain similar stories are shared all over the world. Stories of Hope and Help and Thanksgiving are always welcome.Thank you Sylvia Davis, for such a heart-felt work!

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  Contributer Thoughts , 02/02/2009
Reviewer: Anna
From the first essay to the last, Appalachian Angels is filled with not just personal experiences, but hope, encouragement, and comfort. These stories are shared from the heart of those that lived them, giving us a front row seat to miracles and Angelic visitors. As a contributing author, I know there will be more troubled times to endure, and when those times come calling, I'll have Appalachian Angels within reach to give me a boost of encouragement and inspiration.

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  angels , 03/18/2009
Reviewer: Melody
Spirituality means so many different things to different people. This book captures this energy so much that the moment I picked it up I could feel the tender caring thoughts inside. My copy is a gift from my 'angel on earth' and I feel compelled to tell possible customers - do not hesitate! Make the purchase; for within these ink filled pages that come from trees and soil and sunshine and rain you will find protection, depth, light and nourishment for your soul. Thank you Sylvia for this compilation of inspiration!

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