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The Brilliant Reality of ADHD


Price: $22.95

EDITOR'S PICK by ADDitude Magazine ~"Full of teachable moments."

Customer Reviews

  Brilliant! , 11/11/2009
Reviewer: S. Howell
Just read”The Brilliant Reality of ADHD” by Bryan Hutchinson. It is an insightful and extensive collection of some of his best blog posts from his website, in book form. He includes blogs about how he and we can find ways to cope with our ADHD, how it effects our relationships at home and work. His style of writing is has an ease to it as though you are talking with a friend over coffee; he writes with humor, and a positive perspective on the triumphs, pitfalls, and revelations of being diagnosed with ADHD as an adult like I was. I can relate to his appreciation for the diagnosis of ADHD, albeit later in life. He resonates a particular truth for me, when he writes about relationships in his ’Ghosts of Relationships Past’, ‘Finding, Falling, and Staying in Love’, and his three part blog, ’Relationships Start Exciting, But What Happens Next.’ I particularly enjoy the posts concerning relationships, because that has been the most perplexing aspect of coming to terms with my adult ADHD. Bryan makes sense of the same confusion I felt in my first marriage and subsequent divorce. “The Brilliant Reality of ADHD” is an apt follow up to his first book, “One Boy’s Struggle: A Memoir”. Through his writing he seems to be moving forward from a diagnosis to finding context for his ADHD—and helping me do the same with his amiable and perceptive blog posts in “The Brilliant Reality…” and at Thanks! Will recommend this book to anyone interested in a fresh perspective on adult ADHD.

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  Brilliant , 03/10/2010
Reviewer: Maria Fastiggi
I have read Brilliant!!! by Bryan Hutchinson and is amazing to me of the simple and intelligent way he writes to allowed us to understand the daily living with ADHD. What I like the most is that I personally know Bryan Hutchinson and he is not a writer to just have a book out there, he is what he writes, what we read is a daily experience of Bryan Hutchinson and his research to help others with there situations. I highly recommend Bryan's books to any one; specially mothers with young teens. he have humor about what for some people might be a difficult and desperate situation, makes a lots of difference to our younger generation going thru ADHD. For the adults; OHHH I can not wait for the next book to come out is going to be very GOOD!!!! Thanks you Bryan keep writing and having a wonderful and fun live with ADHD:-)

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  A Must Read for anyone that has ADD/ADHD or knows someone that does , 03/11/2010
Reviewer: Mindy Schwartz
This book to me is like reading my own Journal. I am an adult and found out three years ago that I had ADD at age 48. I was able to find Bryan Hutchinson's blog and social network and am very happy that I did. The book covers every subject that you can think of and is a great tool also for people who know someone that has either ADD or ADHD. The book will make you understand alot more about them. This book is outstanding and very useful to have on hand. You will be sitting there reading the book, going yep that is right, oh wow how does he know how I am feeling. Get your copy today and you will be very glad that you did.

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Reviewer: Dana A.
As an ADDer mother of three ADDer kids, I have read more than my share of ADHD books in the past 15 years. While I do believe that it is crucial for all ADDers as well as parents of ADDers to educate themselves about the mental health aspect of this condition, it has been a "breath of fresh air" to finally discover a book that provides transparency into the "real" life of an ADDer! It is so comforting to know that I am NOT alone! Chapter after chapter, I found myself relating to the ups and downs of ADHD. Page by page, I was so encouraged as I learned helpful & practical methods to overcome the daily difficulties of living with ADHD and parenting children diagnosed with ADHD. In one chapter, I was laughing to myself about the hysterical and off-the-wall situations that ADDers continuously find themselves in! During another chapter, tears are softly flowing down my cheeks as I read Bryan's bittersweet story of when he was a child and he grew up hearing that he was "lazy, irresponsible and careless." What I LOVED about reading this book is that Bryan provided positive, motivational and "real life" strategies for overcoming ADHD challenges. Bryan's insightful writing encourages and equips the readers to EMPOWER themselves to become the BEST person they were created to become! Whether you are a parent of children diagnosed with ADHD, a professional working with ADDers, in a relationship with an ADDer or you were diagnosed with ADHD, I highly recommend reading this book.

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  It is like reading about myself , 01/21/2011
Reviewer: Brian
Great book I felt like I was reading about myself, If you are anyone you know has ADD please get this book !

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