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Cognitive Engineering Writing

Jim Schmalz (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5786-5 ©2010
Price: $21.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 214 pages
Category/Subject: TECHNOLOGY / Technical Writing

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING WRITING summarizes and combines the work of Linguists Noam Chomsky, Charles Carpenter Fries, Anna Wierzbicka, and Mark Baker; of Brain Scientists Michael Gazzaniga and Jill Bolte Taylor; of Usage Gurus Bergen and Cornelia Evans, the compilers of Writer’s INC, Patricia O’Connor, and Lynn Truss; and of Cognitive Scientist Steven Pinker to give the reader a scientific description of English Grammar—Grammar Two.

COGNITIVE ENGINEERING WRITING 1) summarizes and combines the work of Linguists, of Brain Scientists, of Usage Gurus, and of Cognitive Scientists to give the reader a scientific description of English Grammar; 2) derives inductive rules of English Usage, like punctuation, appositive phrases, and parallel construction from this description; 3) introduces Ideographic Editing, a method for converting rough drafts into more elegant and efficient final documents; and 4) combines these with the work of Logicians Curt Gödel and Edward Yourdan to explain logical closure, leading to a method the engineer can effectively use to design closed systems destined for automatic control.

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