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Behind Our Faces: Thoughts and Reasonings of Suicide

Letricia Hendrix (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-5971-X ©2010
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 100 pages
Category/Subject: SELF-HELP / Depression

Years in a life where everyday was painful to get through. Feelings of wanting to end it all, and the help and hope found to get through it.

Thoughts and feelings of suicide are on the rise.

Behind our Faces: Thoughts and Reasoning’s of Suicide offers personal insight and understanding into what it’s like to just want to die, and why.

Crisis of society, crisis of faith, the personal hells we impose on each other and the personal hell within ourselves.

Feelings and reasons are explored, questions are pondered and hope can be found.

Know what your loved one is going through.

Find out that you yourself are not alone in these same feelings.

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Customer Reviews

  behind our faces , 06/23/2010
Reviewer: grace
Great book! You get great insight into how a suicidal views the world. And also how she wants to help others like her. Very open and personal.

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  You can go on! , 06/24/2010
Reviewer: Mario
Who can deny that there have been moments in life that are harder than others. Moments in life where it feels like you just can ‘t go on. This book gives great insight into those feelings and gives hope in order to go on!

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  Hit close to home! , 06/28/2010
Reviewer: Amy S.
Honest, personal, and hit close to home for me.

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  There's something about it! , 06/29/2010
Reviewer: Jill S.
I recently received a copy of this book from a friend and it wasn’t what I expected. Instead of a bunch of facts, it was a lot about feelings. Even some feelings I have gone through in MY life. I cried a little too! Sad, yet honest and real. The nuggets of hope were just right without feeling preachy. Thanks!

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  Diary , 07/05/2010
Reviewer: Olivia
A lot like being able to read someone else's diary.

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  Thank you! , 07/22/2010
Reviewer: Katha
Dear Trish, Thank you for sending me your book. What a wonderful thing you have written. It is so warm, so caring, so honest. Your journey is inspiring. Thank you for including me as a small part of your journey. Be well. Always reach for a better feeling thought. Love, Katha

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  Behind our Faces , 07/25/2010
Reviewer: Dr. Rose, San Bernardino, CA
I read Letricia's book and it i honest, clear, thoughtful, and eventually uplifting and hopeful. I have been close to suicide on several occasions and her story brought back painful memories. Obviously, I didn't and am glad I didn't.

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  Indepth understanding , 08/03/2010
Reviewer: A.J. Mahari - The Psyche Whisperer
In her book, Letricia Hendrix writes about how no one is really alone with these feelings – how you don’t have to be alone with these feelings. She also writes about hope and also focuses on how the ways that we treat each other can often have a profoundly negative impact on people and for some, to the point where they feel so bad about themselves, they just want to die. The author also stresses that many people with clinical depression who may not understand what they are feeling and why often think that the “problem” is everyone else and aren’t aware of how they feel or why they feel what they do. Letricia believes that thoughts and feelings of suicide are on the rise. Her book offers insight into her own experience and her insightful message for others when it comes to clinical depression and feeling suicidal. Find out that you yourself are not alone with these feelings. The fast-pace of life, increasing demands, increasing stress, less time to just connect with others, often leave people feeling more isolated. Many people experience overwhelming emotions they aren't sure how to cope with or have a mental illness. Suicide has many causes. It is on the rise. There needs to be more understood about feeling suicidal and how you can feel that way without acting upon it - feelings often do pass in time. A.J. Mahari - The Psyche Whisperer

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  Insightful , 08/16/2010
Reviewer: Chelle
"Behind our Faces: Thoughts and Reasonings of Suicide" provides hope and inspiration; it shows people how they can help themselves as well as one another. Very insightful, honest, and real. This is a must read! Love & Peace, Chelle talk show host of "Coffee Talk with Chelle" on Blog Talk Radio

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  Love It! , 11/23/2010
Reviewer: Chris
Loved It... couldn't put it down!

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  Compelling book , 02/18/2011
Reviewer: Andrea R. Garrison
Behind Our Faces Thoughts And Reasonings Of Suicide by Letricia Hendrix is a compelling book based on the true experiences of the author. It offers insights into the dark world of depression and provides a glimpse into what it is like to want to give up on life. This book is an important resource for any one who has suffered from depression and/or contemplated suicide. I am grateful that Letricia Hendrix was able to write this book, to share her story which is a source of hope to those who are struggling with this issue and the loved ones who are standing by feeling helpless grappling with this tough situation. Behind Our Faces is important because it leaves us with a ray of hope. We learn that regardless of any challenges we face at any given moment that the time will come when this time of despair will be something in the past. If you know of any one who is deeply depressed and/or contemplating suicide please remember that there is help. Contact the suicide hot line in your area for more information. In the United States the suicide hot line number is 1-800 273-8255. If you live inside or outside the United States contact IFRED International Foundation for Research and Education and Depression.To learn more about Letricia Hendrix visit her website which is under her name and listen to the Onlinewithandrea interview Overcoming Depression and Thoughts of Suicide with Letricia Hendrix and Integrative Psychiatrist Dr. Patricia Gerbarg. Andrea R. Garrison Producer/Host Onlinewithandrea Producer/Author The Crossing Over Of Mattie Pearl

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