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Making God Laugh

Gregory John Andrews (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6485-3 ©2011
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 294 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / Religious

Sneak peek inside the real life of a Catholic priest. Self-portrait of his struggle to embrace his humanity and vocation. Heartwarming story about friendship, the beauty of nature, and going places.

Ever wonder what being a Catholic priest is really like? The author tells the amazing story of his own life, candidly revealing the perils and pitfalls of his profession as well as its more sublime moments. The vivid self-portrait of a man intent on embracing his humanity and his vocation, Making God Laugh offers a refreshingly honest look at the Catholic Church today from the inside out. In a heart-warming story about friendship and going places, he and his best friend take you on an extraordinary journey to America’s national parks, around the world, and through life itself.

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Customer Reviews

Reviewer: George J. Zeller
Father Andrews grew up in a beautiful family setting with close ties to the Catholic Church; he was at the head of his class at all levels of education to and beyond being Ordained a Catholic Priest; he also is gifted in music and art. This sixty year old man, a Catholic Priest approaching thirty-five years of service demonstrates great courage in presenting his true story of his life. It will tug at your mind and your heart as he talks in depth about his inter-most struggles in his personal life as well as those experienced in his service as a Catholic Priest; that normally would never be revealed and kept highly guarded. Father Andrews outlines in detail the joy of being the Pastor for sixteen years and building a new Parish and church from scratch, “ALL Saints Catholic Church” in Clearwater FL. He bares his soul inter-twining his life story while he also talks about his frequent traveling experiences that were shared with his best friend Mike, a 35 year plus friendship, and a fellow Catholic Priest and a pastor of another parish in the diocese. Father vividly describes their numerous exciting adventurous outdoor vacations exploring most of the National Parks in the USA as well as many trips to far away places during the years since being ordained. Father Gregory J. Andrews is a Man of Great Fortitude; as his story ends he expresses he is happy and content with his current duties as a Priest and at Peace with himself as he looks forward in life to one day at a time while listening for the laughter of God. This is a well written book. A MUST READ!

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  Insightful read into a modern Renaissance man , 04/13/2011
Reviewer: Harryette Williams
Fr. Andrews has undergone true introspection to write this book of his personal, church, and emotional life. It was interesting to see how these aspects intertwined throughout and how he acknowledges that his, and none of our life stories are complete; I liked the ending when he challenges each if us to compile our memories in the journey of our own lives. Well-written, intelligently expressed, and interesting in the revelation that we are ALL family in God's world.

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  , 05/05/2011
Reviewer: Mildred Ramsdale
This is a ONE OF A KIND book which willl keep you spellbound from the first to the last page. Father Greg leads us through the daily trials and successes of his life as a Catholic priest and describes the planning, problem solving, and following through of building a new parish. Father Greg's descriptions of his vacation trips will make you feel as though you are right there with him, his friend Father Mike and the others with whom he has traveled. His descriptions of the beauty of our National Parks is breath-taking. If you've been there before, he makes you want to go back, or if you haven't made a trip to these parks yet, you will definitely put them on your "bucket" list. So many autobiographies can be boring but this book is an extremely exciting, fast moving true adventure story written by this very talented Catholic priest.

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  , 05/13/2011
Reviewer: Maria Smetana
This honest and heartfelt life of Father Gregory Andrews is very touching. Proves that we all have the same feelings and desires although expressed differently. The vivid and wondrous discriptions of his travels made me feal like I was right there with Father Gregory and his companions. A great read!

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  Great Read , 05/23/2011
Reviewer: Rev.Msgr. Terrance M. Lawler
Father Greg's style of writing is refreshing. He takes you on his personal journey and invites you to come along for the ride. What a trip awaits you.! Knowing many of the people mentioned in his journey, happy memories came back to me. A great read for everyone and especially for priests who can relate to what Father Greg experienced both in his seminary studies and the day-to-day life of a parish priest. Well done!

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  Life Lessons From An Honest Priest , 05/31/2011
Reviewer: Richard M. Georges
Part confessional; Part inspirational; Part Homily; Part story telling; Part revelatory; put it all together and you have an honest life story. I challenge any one; especially a cradle Catholic, to read this book without beginning an inward introspective look at one's own life and character. Interspersed between picture stories of the beauty of nature, are beautiful vignettes of a life like each of us. We celebrate, we sin, we agonize, we live part of our lives in quiet desperation, we deal with the deepest emotions. Usually, we do all this in private. However, occasionally the honest portrayal of another life reminds us that we are all the same under our skin, and we remember that the secret of living is to "Let God". You owe it to yourself to read this great book. If you don't, you might just continue living your life without a real sense of self awareness.

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  Making God Laugh. He should , 06/01/2011
Reviewer: Msgr Harold Bumpus
Greg Andrews opens his own heart and shares his journey as a priest who is now about sixty years old. We get an insight into his journey and how he faced the various challenges of priestly service. On the whole, very positive, not another expose, except that he shows himself in his labors, his friend and his many trips that are a delight in themselves. Well worth reading, uplifting with a very postive vision into the journey of a soul.

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  Unique Prospective , 06/01/2011
Reviewer: Mary Kohler, PhD,RN
Father Gregory Andrews reveals his life and perspective as a modern day priest. Fr. Andrews share his life story with straight forward honesty and clarity. This book is an interesting insight into the mind, heart and vocation of a Catholic prest.It is well worth reading.

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