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Electronic Torture, Electronic Rape: Technology and Gang Stalking at the Post Office

Jewel Krayan (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6777-1 ©2011
Price: $11.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 156 pages
Category/Subject: TRUE CRIME / General

In Electronic Torture, Electronic Rape, the author recounts how gang stalkers attacked her and attempted to destroy her family, career, and life. She describes the torture of non-lethal weapons.


Every aspect of your life is going well, you are happy and then suddenly:

Lies are told about you.

Every one you know turns against you.

Your work is sabotaged.

Your property is repeated vandalized.

You are followed and harassed everywhere you go.

The sanctity of your home is repeatedly violated.

Sound is projected in and around your home 24/7.

Your body is assaulted with non-lethal weapons.

Criminals attempt to seize your home to use for making and selling drugs.

You are repeated told the only way to make the nightmare stop is to kill yourself.

It goes on year after year.

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Customer Reviews

  Message for Jewel Krayan , 01/24/2012
Reviewer: Jeffery Brian Bahry
Jewel Krayan My name is Jeffery Brian Bahry. I am a victim of remote neural communication / psycho-electronic technologies. I have been tortured / physically injured / hospitalized / death threats. I have been used for sexual purposes to a very large extent against my will. *Through my own investigation and incredible odds - I have identified the group of individuals by name using these technologies for electronic rape and alot more with much evidence. I have informed all government agencies - and they are aware. I am awaiting a response . I am sorry that I have not read your book - I though you might have interest in this information. Thank you.

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  Post Office Ganng Stalking , 02/21/2012
Reviewer: Targeted Individual
Many Postal workers are retired or exmilitary . Gang stalking is the cause of most suicides in the military (20 times higher than general population) These veterans treat these attacks like a paramilitary operation. They get a thrill out of flipping his friends and family, torturing him and wrecking his life . Police know all about it . Welcome to the new world order . The rats are running the ship.

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  x usps myself , 05/15/2012
Reviewer: guy potter
i am a x usps and a ti also for over 25 yrs and would like to talk with the author about my similar experiences.

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  , 11/15/2012
Reviewer: Felipe Barreto
sou individuo alvo e sofro todos esses asedios incluindo eletronic rape precisaria de um conselho ou ajuda

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