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The Agony of Survival

Dr. Spyros Vrettos (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6909-X ©2011
Price: $13.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 194 pages
Category/Subject: PHILOSOPHY / General

A prophetic novel that anticipates exactly and foresees, in general, the evolving and threatening reality of our world as well as the necessity to seek intelligent solutions of escape.

The Agony of Survival addresses the most vital issue of survival. Natural disasters and diseases threaten our planet and the foundations of the worldwide economy. The main character, Aris, lives with Danae in an area of rare beauty, from where he invests and connects electronically with the world. He believes that he has discovered an exceptionally secure way to survive in an insecure world. But, does he survive? Another couple joins them later and together, they discover the good and evil of modern life as well as the limits and possibilities of human intelligence through a panoramic screen.

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Customer Reviews

  A rare apocalyptic book , 06/11/2012
Reviewer: Constantine Santas
The novel, "The Agony of Survival," by Spyros Vrettos, Greek essayist and novelist, is a poetic rendition of the the fate of two couples who take refuge in a remote location of an enchanting island, where an investor has built an electronic shelter to trace his world-wide investments and to follow the imminent danger of world disasters that threaten the life of the planet. In an idyllic paradise, the lovers explore the means of survival left to them, as they see the environment deteriorate, while two friends join them and share their fate. In a rare flight of imagination, Vrettos has them witness the destruction of the planet, in a movie version projected on the screen, of two literary explorers, Dante leading Virgil in a flight over the entire planet, survey the result of disease, terrorist attacks, nuclear explosions and every mean man invented to destroy civilization as we know it. The grim details of unimaginable suffering offer the reader real horror, as the world is seen collapsing by means of its own death-making inventions but also of catharsis. A vision of Greek tragedy, fitting today's world, the story is also a tale of redemption, a warning and of the apocalypse approaching, but also of the power of hope and, a fitting carpe diem as long as love lasts, but also of the empathy of the survivors who reach the limits of human endurance under the treat of annihilation. Rendered in English in fluent literary style by Harikleia Sirmans.

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