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The Foundations of Virology

Frederick A. Murphy (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-7365-8 ©2012
Price: $119.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 536 pages
Category/Subject: HISTORY / General

A profusely illustrated history of one of the hottest medical/biological sciences of all: virology – personalized in crediting the people who began the science concerned with invisible mysterious disease agents, and continuing to cite those who are still unraveling the nature of many of the most important pathogens of today.

The foundation of the science of virology rests upon the discovery of the first viruses at the turn of the twentieth century. From the beginning, there was exceptional vitality and creativity. With the rise of experimental pathology and then cellular and molecular biology, the diverse nature of the viruses slowly came into view; and viruses were found in every econiche, every living organism on earth. Wonderfully, from the beginning virologists moved from finding the etiologic agent of the disease to developing the means for its diagnosis, prevention and control. This book will remind virologists of the “roots” of their science and, hopefully, entice young scholars into considering a career with the infectious agents that lie “at the edge of life.”

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Customer Reviews

  Remarkable book , 07/03/2012
Reviewer: Charles H. Calisher
Murphy's book, the product of both decades of study and love for the field of microbiology, is a sensation. That is, any historian, researcher, administrator or lecturer can turn a few pages of this book into a concept, a plan, or a talk. The book is replete with information and photos useful for anyone, layman or professional. Quite frankly, not only is there no other book like it, there likely will be no other book like it in the foreseeable future. Murphy is a recognized expert in the field and has spent the last years putting this remarkable book together in an effort to provide others with this information. I could not recommend it with greater enthusiasm

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  There is no other source of information like this , 07/04/2012
Reviewer: Tom Monath
Fred Murphy has always had an unmatched view of the importance of scientific investigation, an incredible ability to synthesize details into broad concepts, and a visual appreciation of the virus world that comes from his devotion to microscopy and photography. He shares the richness of his understanding of virology and the cast of characters that have collected scientific knowledge in this amazing book. It belongs on everyone's shelf and it will be treasured and used often.

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  Unique and Essential Resource , 07/06/2012
Reviewer: Leland Carmichael
Fred Murphy’s book is a unique chronological account of the evolution of the world of virology. Through pictorial presentations, the book chronicles contributions of the major events and players who have created the field of virology, including those who discovered the methods that propelled the field into the modern era. The book stems from Murphy’s love of history and his rich experience in virology, both as a scientist and an educator. Its uniqueness is not in its detail, but through the abundance of photos that provoke the reader to dive into the literature for greater appreciation of discovery. The book is an invaluable resource for medical libraries; it should be on the desks of teachers, graduate students and all those with an interest in those small things that plague man, animals and plants. Non-professional readers should find Murphy’s book rewarding as well as educational. It is constructed as a nascent foundation to be built upon as future developments occur. A `must’ read.

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  a unique picture gallery of 20th century Virologists , 07/17/2012
Reviewer: Marc Van Regenmortel
I know of no other book that provides such a complete photographic gallery of all the major players who built up an entirely new field of science in the 20th century. Virology grew out of Microbiology at the beginning of the last century and Fred Murphy has assembled in this book the faces and activities of the hundreds of scientists who contributed to the birth and development of Virology as a major scientific discipline. A new discipline is obviously always created by people from other fields of science and the book gives a detailed , historical account of how biologists , microbiologists, chemists , physicists, immunologists, molecular biologists and medical scientists all contributed to the growth of Virology. The book also highlights how new experimental techniques and sophisticated new instruments such as electron microscopes and ultracentrifuges helped us to understand the nature of viruses and of viral infectious diseases. This beautifully illustrated book is a wonderful testimony to the fact that progress in science is first and foremost always an extraordinary human adventure.

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  History of virology comes alive , 08/22/2012
Reviewer: Norrby, Erling
The history of virology has evolved over somewhat more than a century. There has been a remarkable advance in our insights into how the minute virus particle, a major player in the invisible world of microbiology, can initiate and pursue their replication as parasites in cells. This new knowledge has benefitted fields of research concerned with human and animal diseases as well as diseases in insects and plants. Many virus infections can now be prevented by vaccination, treatment by selected drugs and by other means. The unique book by Fred Murphy, departing from pictorial presentations, is a treasure for anyone who wants to learn about the rapid and impressive developments of the different fields of virology. It provides highly readable information on the central actors in the field and their discoveries. It emphasizes that the advance of science - the poetry of the intellect - is driven by obsessed and imaginative individuals. The book is recommended to professional and non-professional readers.

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