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After Sybil…From the Letters of Shirley Mason

Nancy L. Preston (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-8288-6 ©2013
Price: $16.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 164 pages
Category/Subject: BIOGRAPHY & AUTOBIOGRAPHY / General

Revealing! Intimate! Handwritten letters! Shirley Mason, Sybil, writes to her friend about life after the integration of her sixteen personalities. Photos, quotes, art recount Shirley’s story from 1970 to 1998.

“I’m Sybil.” Thus, Shirley Mason shared her secret identity with Nancy Preston, former student. That disclosure cemented an enduring twenty-eight year friendship between the two via phone calls, visits, and letters. From Shirley’s first letter to her last phone call to Nancy, After Sybil is a revealing glimpse into the daily life of the woman whose sixteen personalities were merged into the one Nancy knew and loved. Letters, photos, and quotes offer insight to Shirley’s view of her parents, her therapist, and the bestselling book and subsequent movies about her. Interspersed are examples of Shirley’s art, including a self portrait.

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Customer Reviews

  An Amazing Story of True Frienship , 03/26/2013
Reviewer: Michele Gouveia Allen
I have always had an interest in the woman named "Sybil" and was intrigued by the description of this book. I picked it up with the intention of reading a few chapters but before I knew it, hours had passed and I had finished it with tears streaming down my face. The beauty and love of the friendship between Nancy (the author) and Shirley (the real Sybil), the amazing women they both were/are, the entire story was moving and captivating. Sybil's World was so to be so much more than her dissociative identity disorder (DID)! Shirley was an amazing artist, a loving light, and a pure, although tortured, soul. I was deeply touched by the story of friendship. Nancy Preston's life and story of her letters and friendship with Shirley Mason is amazing. Thank you, Ms Preston, so much for sharing with the world! 5 Stars!!

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