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The Green Wardrobe Guide

Beth Fiteni (Author)

ISBN: 1-4958-1217-0 ©2018
Price: $34.95
Book Size: 7" x 10" , 242 pages

Awareness is growing about the benefits of organic food, but what about the clothing we wear? “The Green Wardrobe Guide - Finding Eco-Chic Fashions That Look Great and Help Save the Planet”

“The Green Wardrobe Guide allows us to think more deeply about our clothes—from more sustainable textile options to the people behind them—so that we can make more educated decisions when we’re looking to purchase the clothes we love to wear.” – Summer Rayne Oakes, Author of Style, Naturally and co-founder of Le Souk

“Whether you’re a seasoned eco-fashionista or you’re trying to suss out what sustainability in clothing means, Beth Fiteni’s book offers plenty of grist that is equal parts informative and entertaining.” – Jasmin Malik Chua, Ecouterre

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