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Day of the Raven

Mitchell Jon MacKay (Author)

ISBN: 1-4958-2102-1 ©2018
Price: $52.95
Book Size: 6" x 9" , 880 pages

For Broken Trust Sometimes there is an invisible raven That will fly low to pierce the shell of trust When it has been brought near to the ground. John O’donohue 2008

Through an eight-year research and communication with a prisoner in an Upper Peninsula prison in Michigan beginning in 2002, this tale evolved and grew in the telling as we lived it, I as a writer, Ron as an eventually commuted felon. The system of investigation and conviction was very flawed, as is the recurrent theme now, the commutation process via “Lifer Parole” as oxymoronically termed was accomplished in 2009 with the deep help of Doug Tjapkes of Humanity for Prisoners formerly Innocent 1 of Grand Haven, MI.
The aftermath of commutation- 15 months- till the surprise tragic ending in 2010 is detailed with much psychological information as well as the legal terminology dealt with through out the evolution. The tale begins with an email conversation with Ron’s wife of less than one year.

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