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Growing Up in Mississippi: Audio Book

Bertha M. Davis (Author)

ISBN: 1-60031-018-4 ©2007
Price: $21.95
Category/Subject: AUDIO BOOKS
Audio Book

Audio Book: Not since “Cane River,” an Oprah Book Club pick, has a book come along to strike a familiar discord of memories for Black Americans with such vivid imagery and accurate reflection.

Growing Up in Mississippi is a true story. Bertha’s story. But more than that, it is the story of what it was like for many young black girls of her generation to be born into poverty and to grow up surrounded by the meanest forms of racial discrimination. To be educated in run down, second rate schools, marry early and work long hours for low pay just to keep food on the table. Read about the wayward Uncle Wigley, a cursed character among many black families who resorted to inflicting abuse on family members. A poignant work of literature and classic for the millennium.

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Customer Reviews

  Perservere Through Life's Adversity , 04/28/2008
Reviewer: Sebastian K. Davis
I currently teach language arts in Special Education at Southwest Education Center in phoenix Arizona and I'm always looking for new and exciting ways to educate our youths about Black History. I utilized "Growing Up In Mississippi" as a monumental education tool for our special education needs. The children who attend this private day school range between the ages of thirteen to eighteen, and they absolutely enjoyed this book. The book grashed their attention immediately. My school consist of children that come from a variety of ethnic background. Although the majority of children I teach have difficulty with reading. "Growing Up In Mississippi" was comfortable enough for them to read without causing them any major frustration. Unfortunately, the majority of students that attend Southwest Education Center come from low socioeconomic neighborhoods. "Growing Up In Mississippi" has helped them understand what it truly means to persevere through a life that is full of adversity. This book was very refreshing because it provided my students with real life experiences and inspiration. Not only is the book good for reading but the 5 Cd's are awesome to listen to as a group or individual. It can be very relaxing as you are driving your car and listening to one of the most classic modern day tales that is told. "Growing Up In Mississippi" has truly given some of my students the will and motivation to try to achieve a more prosperous destiny. I highly recommend that all educational institutions should read this book across the United States. This book could also serve as a vital part of a History curriculum as well. We really enjoyed read Mrs. Davis Book title: "Growing Up In Mississippi." Mr. Davis, Lead Teacher/High School Facilitator.

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  Moving account of life in... , 05/23/2008
Reviewer: Renee Jefferson
This was a moving account of life in the rural south, and the author provided her readers with a very detailed and genuine narrative of her experiences. This book captures your attention, locks you in its grip and doesn't let go until you reach the end. You are then left wanting more and wondering about the events outlined within its pages. It is a definite page-turner, and it can truly be called a must-read.

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  A Page Turner , 07/21/2008
Reviewer: Violet P. Gwin
I truly enjoyed your book (Growing Up In Mississippi). This book was so inspiring that it reminded me of the enjoyment of eating an ice cream cone. YOU NEVER WANT IT TO END!

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