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Shadow People -- A Journal of the Paranormal, Abridged with Bonus Material Included

C.T. Shooting Star (Author)

ISBN: 1-60031-113-X ©2016
Price: $27.95
Category/Subject: FICTION / General
Audio Book

The family had no one to rely on other than the spirits themselves. Going crazy wasn’t an option and going public was considered the next best thing to going crazy.

The audio version makes for great listening, regardless of whether you may or may not have read the original book with the same title. In order to understand how difficult it was for Shooting Star in terms of both writing and defending himself against a host of negative spirits while trying to live a normal life, you might even ask why he bothered writing at all. For a very brief period of time, Shooting Star simply documented all of the paranormal incidents at home. However, after his family had been haunted endlessly by a wide assortment of aggressive entities from the spirit world, the idea of publishing his journals based on his protection strategies was conceived. Nevertheless, that may not have been a good move at the time because it actually made things worse.

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