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Blind Sidetrack

Ron Bitto (Author)

ISBN: 1-892896-11-7 ©1998
Price: $17.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 455 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / Literary

As a brief, euphoric oil boom plummets in a traumatic crash, everything changes for John Biondi, PR manager at American Sidetrack Incorporated. No more flights on the Lear jet. No more fat bonuses. The boss, Dave King, is even more paranoid than usual. The honeymoon is over when John’s wife Gennie gives birth to their first child and his travel schedule sends him to Lafayette, Amsterdam, Muscat and Bangkok. And both excitement and trouble arrive when the charismatic Bob Stanton re-joins the company as its blowout expert. When a takeover threat looms, Dave King can think of nothing else. So when Bob Stanton is kidnapped while fighting a spectacular offshore fire, John gets the assignment of finding the terrorists and negotiating for Bobby’s release. Spiced with beautiful women, tough men, tall tales and suspense, BLIND SIDETRACK is an entertaining, satire adventure.

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Customer Reviews

  History repeated , 02/16/2007
Reviewer: James Estep
This is a nearly true account of the great oil boom of 1979-1982, which is in the process of being repeated in 2006-2008. The company is real (Eastman Whipstock), and the characters are real, even if all the situations are not. It is a facinating look at the drilling sector of the oil industry by a knowledgeable insider. It is not great writing, but passable. Perhaps you had to have been there to really appreciate it.

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