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Journey Beyond Infinite: Book Two

Ron Rolaine (Author)

ISBN: 9781495802553 ©2015
Price: $51.95
Book Size: 8.5" x 11" , 496 pages
Category/Subject: RELIGION / General

Journey Beyond Infinity will take you places you have never imagined. Beyond, to a hidden world. An entirely new world which many people do not even realize exists. Ron Rolaine,

Once in a great while an idea comes along that totally upsets the norm. For instance, Claudius Ptolemy, 90 to 186 CE.put forth the geocentric theory that the Planet Earth was the center of the Universe. Later, when other scientists, such as Nicolaus Copernicus put forth the heliocentric, Sun Centered, theory, it was proclaimed heresy by the Catholic Church and banned from the printed page.

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