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Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales

Frank G. Poe Jr. (Author)

ISBN: 0-7414-6230-3 ©2010
Price: $10.95
Book Size: 5.5'' x 8.5'' , 110 pages
Category/Subject: FICTION / General

You must read the introduction to Poe’s new book for the health and safety of your loved ones. Discover the answer to a mystery and fourteen tales guaranteed to entertain. Paperback version

You must read the introduction to Poe’s new book for the health and safety of your loved ones. Discover the answer to a mystery and fourteen tales guaranteed to entertain.

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Customer Reviews

  GREAT BOOK , 12/27/2010
Reviewer: Brittany Jacob
If you enjoy Edgar Allan Poe's style of writing you will love this collection of twisted short stories. This is a short but satisfying read. I can't wait for more from this author.

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  Worth Reading , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: ~ Bookingly Yours ~
“4 out of 5 stars, it was great…recommended…almost perfect. The stories are well-written and certainly worth reading.”

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  Quite Engaging , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: Mother Lode
“The Twilight Zone…a short story collection by Stephen King…This collection brought to mind those types of themes… truly an eclectic collection with a common theme of "twisted."...perfectly written "as is."…just the right touches of suspense and surprise… Overall, a nice collection that can be read over and over to catch all the little nuances that gave the meaning behind the words. Recommended for fans of the genre.” “An interesting introduction, to be sure,… story in itself- interesting, thought-provoking,…Nicely written, the stories in this book are quite engaging and make for quick reads…Some made me cringe, some surprised me in a fun way, some made me think”

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  Loved It , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: Book Eternity
“4 out of 5 stars, Bravo to Frank G Poe, JR for this well written book. I absolutely loved it… stirs emotions…Poe's work is absolutely brilliant, very impressive worth reading.”

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  True Sign of Talent , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: Literary R & R
“Well written…made me laugh, made me sad and some that even made me think... I always enjoy a book that can invoke deep emotions in me ... no matter what those emotions are. For an author to write so effectively is a true sign of talent. If you want something new and different to read that will stir up some emotions, then I would recommend this book be added to your library.”

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  Spooky , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: Lexington Herald-Leader
“Falmouth author compiles 14 spooky tales.”

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  Introduction Was Fascinating , 03/08/2011
Reviewer: Chrissy’s World of Books
“4 out of 5 stars, Raven Wings and 13 more twisted tales are just that twisted. I enjoyed reading these short stories and the poems in this book… all are worth reading… thought the author did a fantastic job with the character descriptions and in the way he wrote the stories… made me cringe… introduction was fascinating… wouldn't recommend this book to young adults but I would recommend it to any one over the age of 18.”

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  Skip the Movie Buy this Book! , 06/03/2012
Reviewer: Carrie Green
Updating Poe for modern times. As I write this review, The Raven, a movie that stars John Cusack as Edgar Allan Poe is scheduled to be released on Friday. I'm a huge Poe fan, but I'm viewing this news with a mixture of anticipation and dread. I'm hopeful that it might be good, a suitable tribute to the horror master who first sparked many readers' interest in the genre, but I'm worried that it may be a terrible. At the very least, I'm hoping it will remind the general public about Poe and create a renewed interest in his darkly elegant contributions to literature. Well, if this movie whets your appetite for some Poe style horror, I'm going to whole-heartedly recommend picking up a copy of Raven Wings and 13 More Twisted Tales by Frank G. Poe, Jr. This extremely modern nod to Poe will alternately thrill, shock or amuse. Three standouts that I especially enjoyed include a tale titled 'Final Envoy,' which had a science fiction flavor; 'The Spider and The Fly,' written from the viewpoint of a male black widow spider that is understandably reluctant to mate (as he's discovered what happens next) and how he handles that dilemma; and 'Of Ninjas and Bullets Left Behind' exposing the abuses of corporate power during an eager candidate's job interview with a CEO. It is a very polished and professional collection that cuts quickly to the action, but is still heavily character driven. Frank is a former literary journal editor and journalist. He knows how to write. He provides a wide variety of stories, something for every type of horror fan. You'll delight in the twists and turns. Frank keeps his readers guessing before delivering curve ball endings. You'll never think of the word, "Nevermore," in quite the same way. These are wicked little treats. Frank clearly has a dry sense of humor. He discusses an affinity for Poe in his introduction and claims, rather tongue-in-cheek, a relationship with the original Poe—not as a direct relative, but through reincarnation. His speculation as to the true cause of Poe's death is very interesting. Is he sincere? Doubtful, but be in on the joke and pick-up this thoroughly entertaining collection. I hate to speculate, but I have a feeling that it's way better than the movie! Purchase Raven Wings And 13 More Twisted Tales at Amazon formatted for Kindle or as a Paperback was fortunate enough to read the paperback version which is a beautifully produced volume and worthy of gift-giving.

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