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Dav Allen
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Hampton, Virginia

A native of La Crosse, Wisconsin, DAV Allen's experiences include: flying school lineman; hard rock miner; aircraft dispatcher; Interceptor Controller; Communications Officer; office manager; Realtor, and Bronze Sculptor. Wiesbaden, Germany, where Allen was stationed is the local of this book. For background, he traveled three more times to Europe. He has authored several short stories, and is working on two more novels. This is the sixth book he has published with Infinity. Currently Allen lives in Virginia with his wife Joanne.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Kokopelli's Ghost? And Other Amusements
When two Airmen accidentally release a malevolent force that threatens to obliterate Albuquerque using atomic weapons stored in the nearby mountains, can FBI agents and scientists at Los Alamos save the city? Or is it up to two sacrificial victims? read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-1273-X ©2002
Price: $15.95

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2 .
A Spy in my Ointment
A powerful man devises a plan to root out a mole in the CIA. A USAF Communications Officer and a beautiful East German 'Swallow' are caught up in the convoluted plot exposing a spy in Germany. read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-2290-5 ©2004
Price: $10.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

3 .
Under a Mandan Moon
In 1611, fighting the elements, human foes, and Coyote-Witch, a Leftenant with companions Moyock and Leahna, struggle to find the Mandan Tribe, who now guard the Holy Grail. read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-2360-X ©2005
Price: $13.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

4 .
Circles in the Sand
In 1951, a USAF Sergeant strives to overcome a deficient environment, a severe lack of resources, evil human foes and two supernaturals to construct a bomb scoring site in Outer Montana read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-2436-3 ©2005
Price: $13.95

  Average Rating:

5 .
Super Secret Site…Infiltrated! Red Spies in our Heartland
The Government will never tell you about the Ultra Super Secret Antiballistic Missile Site on an Indian reservation in Outer Montana exposed by former communications Officer, DAV Allen read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-2743-5 ©2005
Price: $13.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

6 .
Helen Temple
A master demon decides that an attractive, highly capable female USAF Captain should be recruited to his ranks. Helen Temple resists attacks by lesser demons with the help of powerful friends. read more
by Dav Allen ~ 0-7414-3513-6 ©2006
Price: $10.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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