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Judith Trustone
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Swarthmore, Pennsylvania

Judith Trustone is an award-winning writer and photographer who has been a human rights activist all her life. A counselor, teacher, writer and editor, her Creative Writing classes at Pennsylvania’s Graterford Prison, the fifth largest in the country and one of the toughest, opened her eyes to the brutality of a 19th Century system costing taxpayers $46 billion a year that has an 85% failure rate. After learning of the daily terrorism in prisons, she determined to give voice to those living in Shadow America, where we warehouse the Thrownaway People. She founded, a network of imprisoned writers.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Celling America's Soul: Second Edition
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by Judith Trustone ~ 0-7414-1433-3 ©2007
Price: $19.95

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2 .
The Cats' Secret Guide to Living with Humans
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by Judith Trustone ~ 0-7414-5054-2 ©2008
Price: $14.95

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