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Roberto DiVincenzo
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Cherry Hill, New Jersey

Roberto DiVincenzo was a kid that grew up on the tough streets of south Philadelphia in the 1940’s and 50’s. Although the world was perhaps a more innocent place at that time, it was Philadelphia’s equivalent of “hells kitchen.” As a young boy Roberto excelled in football, basketball, baseball, drawing and his love of singing.

As he grew into a young adult the street took a shot him. Aside from south Philly girls, the lure of a fast buck through indoctrination with organized crime was perhaps one of the greatest temptations facing a young man in his shoes.

But somehow there were stronger principles in his make up that led him down a very different path than those of his “wise guy” contemporaries so abundant and over sensationalized. Although not many viable opportunities where available to him, Roberto made a self inspired endeavor to advance his education. He ended up on the cutting edge of something called “machine accounting” technology. This was the precursor to what we know today as modern computing.

During the Korean War Roberto was in the United State Marine Corps where his stamina, skills and intellect were challenged and put to thorough use. After the war Roberto along with his young wife founded and operated a business school. Their mission was teaching the intrinsic design and practical application of IBM equipment in the business world of the early 1960’s. This evolved into Computer Programming, System Analysis and his tenure as manager who developed ground breaking commercial computer systems for a corporate giant.

Roberto, still married to the same wonderful woman, has enjoyed sharing the parenting of four children, all of who are now adults with diverse careers. The children possess many of Roberto’s principled beliefs and practices as accomplished adults. In fact in some ways, Roberto reflects some old world principles himself. He believes in honesty, knowing his ancestry and social origins, close family ties and the ongoing education of his offspring and the family’s generations to come. After all, I should know, ... I’m his First Male Born.

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First Male Born
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Last Male Born: Revenge
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by Roberto DiVincenzo ~ 0-7414-6339-3 ©2011
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