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Scott W. Gustafson
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Herndon, Virginia

Scott W. Gustafson is a pastor, teacher and writer engaged in a quest to help the Church recover its life-giving power. He thinks the world would greatly benefit if those currently engaged in this enterprise are successful. On occasion he even has reason to hope that Christianity and all religions will become the blessings to the world that they were meant to be, however, he does not believe that he will live to see that day.

Selected works by this author:
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Biblical Amnesia: A Forgotten Story of Redemption…
The Bible records a struggle between two worldviews. God opposes one and favors the other. Nearly everyone forgets who God favors. Life abounds with the tragic consequences of our Biblical amnesia. read more
by Scott W. Gustafson ~ 0-7414-2175-5 ©2004
Price: $19.95

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Behind Good and Evil
Behind Good and Evil challenges conventional wisdom concerning ethics and morality. It exposes the death-dealing consequences of morality – our knowledge of good and evil – and offers a life-giving alternative. read more
by Scott W. Gustafson ~ 0-7414-5404-1 ©2009
Price: $19.95

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3 .
Lutheranism Legacy and Future
These essays are in honor of The Rev. Dr. Eric W. Gritsch one of the world’s premier Luther and Reformation scholars. The first part discusses Luther’s life, theology and his partners in the quest to reform the Church. Next, contemporary applications are addressed by some prominent theologians. Part III discusses the Lutheran movement throughout the globe, and the essays in the next section delineate Lutheran ecumenical relationships. In the final section we try to give the reader a taste of the scope, depth and impact of the storied career of The Rev. Dr. Eric Gritsch. read more
by Scott W. Gustafson ~ 0-7414-7881-1 ©2012
Price: $20.95

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