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Dr. Odinga Oginga
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Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Odinga Ma-ri Lumumba Kenyatta Oginga was born Mary Fuller’s baby boy in Wilmington, N.C. I consider myself a Dabtara (wise, learned and un-ordained with Religious Knowledge)

After the death of my Mother, I changed my name nine months later. (REBIRTH)

I was mis-educated in the finest Universities in the North where Degrees were conferred upon me. I entered the Euro-American education system with a Slave Name and obtained Degrees under the same name. (Some Education!) At no time was I taught My True Identity in this system. After spending over twenty years forgetting what I have been mis-educated about and observing and learning from life, I started my Journey to research my oppressors. Upon completing this task, I began to study my Heritage and Learn who I am. I discovered that someone who mistreated you (Slavery) would not teach you anything to benefit you.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Wake Up Blackman and Blackwomen
Myths and Traditions we follow which are not true. Blacks do not know who they are and don’t care. The Preacher is a “Curse” and an agent of the government. read more
by Dr. Odinga Oginga ~ 0-7414-2275-1 ©2004
Price: $14.95

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2 .
The Trials and Tribulations of Black People
My book is a snapshot of my life. It's always painful to see Blacks living the Big Lie. It's difficult to Awake people to the Truth with Facts. Living a Life without knowing my True name is Disgraceful and Sick read more
by Dr. Odinga Oginga ~ 9781495811029 ©2016
Price: $9.95

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