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Howard M. Snider
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N. Newton, Kansas

Raised in the Mennonite Church, Howard Snider earned a divinity degree from Goshen Biblical Seminary in Indiana. He wrote adult Sunday school materials, pastored a church in Edmonton, Alberta and counseled in a family welfare agency. Later he earned a doctorate from the University of Kansas. Snider is Professor Emeritus of Sociology at Bethel College in North Newton, Kansas.

Christian imperialism, virulent religious fundamentalism, and the fusion of religion and national militarism in the last half century have been the focus of his interest in the Sociology of Religion. His book “The Cultural Creation of Christianity,” 2005, reflects a theological response to crucial issues in our society.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Cultural Creation of Christianity
Christians today are stuck in a gridlock of extremes. Fundamentalists vs. social activists. Pacifists vs. God-state militarists. Snider’s book explains the influences that created these contrasting forms of Christianity. read more
by Howard M. Snider ~ 0-7414-2370-7 ©2005
Price: $11.95

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2 .
Jesus or Christ?
“Jesus”, “Jesus a Christ” the discovery of Paul and “Jesus the Christ” constructed by the Church Fathers are distinct theological entities. The New Testament makes sense only if the differences are clarified. read more
by Howard M. Snider ~ 0-7414-3908-5 ©2007
Price: $11.95

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3 .
Two Gospels
Jesus of Nazareth promoted a doctrine of social equality. Paul of the Damascus road promoted a doctrine of spiritual equality. The New Testament confused and fused the two. read more
by Howard M. Snider ~ 0-7414-7025-X ©2011
Price: $12.95

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