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Steven Evans
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Omaha, Nebraska

During the day, the author has been a “rocket scientist” [at NASA], taught in engineering and business schools, has been senior research scientist for several national medical and pharmaceutical companies, and published in total over a 100 books, articles, or technical papers in mathematics, computer science, marketing, medical informatics, nursing, nutrition, hereditary cancer, and cancer treatment and prevention. At night, he is a student of Judaism, a Zen Buddhist, a Sufi, a student of Kabbalah, Torah and Talmudic teachings, as well as quantum physics particularly as it relates to religious thought. He has also learned to do without sleep.

Selected works by this author:
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Lifting the Veil: Hidden Judaism Revealed
Revealing things your Rabbi or Bube never told you — this book sharply challenges the usual biblical interpretations and viewpoints, providing radical alternatives to the glib answers we all received. read more
by Steven Evans ~ 0-7414-2467-3 ©2005
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