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Szifra Birke and Kathy Mayer

WRITTEN BY: Szifra Birke and Kathy Mayer - In the late ‘70’s, before the term ‘Adult Children of Alcoholics’ had even been coined, Szifra was pioneering groups for “Grown Children of Alcoholics.”

Szifra works with men and women with addictions, attention deficit disorder, high stress jobs, and those in transition. She consults with families on the effects of wealth and with adults who want to learn how to actively involve children of all ages in family philanthropy. She helps professionals and business owners enhance their success by recognizing client’s inhibiting emotions.

Szifra has a master’s from Purdue University and a degree from Boston University. She practices in Chelmsford, Massachusetts.

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Selected works by this author:
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Together We Heal
Therapist Birke and group-member-turned-author Mayer weave these dramatic accounts of discouragement and hope, vulnerability and strength, anger and intimacy into unexpected, life-changing insights. read more
by Szifra Birke and Kathy Mayer ~ 0-7414-2032-5 ©2004
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