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Epona Maris Deirdre H. Moon & Roger Rural
Parker, Colorado

Roger Rural grew up someplace urban and moved to the Fondis area when he was older than he is now. Because he’s bespectacled and serious looking, he is often mistaken for a professional mourner. He lives near Fondis with Mrs. Rural, Raul and Rachel.

Many lifetimes ago, Deirdre H. Moon swam the prehistoric oceans that once covered Fondis. The Celtic redhead was drawn to Fondis after an archeological dig where standing stones were discovered.

Epona Maris was raised in the hills above Fondis and, except for a brief sojourn to college, has never found much reason to come down.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
The Fondis Chronicles
What happens when wry-witted farmer-reporter Roger Rural encounters well-intentioned faeries may be a mystery to him, but Epona’s poetry and weirdful Deirdre play along with the whimsical possibilities. read more
by Epona Maris Deirdre H. Moon & Roger Rural ~ 0-7414-2839-3 ©2005
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