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Tyson Johnson
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Adelanto, California

The Universal Grappling Academy – Training, Nutrition, and Motivation Guide Is dedicated to all of my friends, family, and associates that for so many years came to me for training advice. Here it is people - read it, learn it, and accomplish your goals.

The author Tyson Johnson has been working as a professional trainer and nutritionist for over 15 years in Southern California. Sought out by professional athletes from all over the world for strength and conditioning training. Tyson has become one of the most requested personal trainers in America.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Tyson Johnson's Universal Grappling Academy: Training, Nutrition, and Motivation Guide
A complete guide to better health, fitness, and athletic training. Great for men, women, children, everyday people, and professional athletes. I hope to educate, challenge, and inspire you to achieve your goals. read more
by Tyson Johnson ~ 0-7414-2955-1 ©2006
Price: $14.95

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2 .
Tyson Johnson's Extreme Fitness & Self-Defense
An incredible book with over 300 pages of usable information and great photos for every one to enjoy. Tyson Johnson and the Universal Grappling Academy has put together a collaboration of information that covers health, fitness, nutrition, and self-defense techniques. This book is great for men, women, and children of all ages. Learn more at read more
by Tyson Johnson ~ 0-7414-4591-3 ©2008
Price: $20.95

  Average Rating:

3 .
American Issues Book 1: For the American People, By the American People
This is an intense and realistic view about America and the issues that are bringing this great Nation down to its knees. People discussing their true thoughts about the problems. read more
by Tyson Johnson ~ 9781495808395 ©2015
Price: $22.95

  Average Rating:

4 .
Secrets and Lies -- Memoirs of a Love Affair Gone Wrong! Love, Lies, Betrayal, Conspiracy and Loss
A tragic love story of 2 imperfect and lost souls searching for the fulfilment their hearts had longed for their entire lives. read more
by Tyson Johnson ~ 9781495811999 ©2016
Price: $56.95

  Average Rating:

5 .
American Issues Book 2
Tyson Johnson is once again bringing you the voice of the American people. Bringing light to the horrific issues that are destroying our great Country and the American way of life. read more
by Tyson Johnson ~ 9781495814129 ©2017
Price: $24.95

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