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Richard A. Schwartz
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Miami, Florida

Richard A. Schwartz teaches modern American fiction, film studies, and interdisciplinary studies at Florida International University. His scholarship and fiction ask how people can act morally, and in a spiritually-fulfilling manner, within an uncertain, relativistic, self-contradictory universe, where nothing is ever exactly as it seems.

Schwartz has published seven non-fiction books: an award-winning COLD WAR REFERENCE GUIDE, COLD WAR CULTURE, THE 1950s: AN EYEWITNESS HISTORY, ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE PERSIAN GULF WAR, THE 1990s: AN EYEWITNESS HISTORY, THE FILMS OF RIDLEY SCOTT, and WOODY, FROM ANTZ TO ZELIG, a comprehensive study of Woody Allen’s creative work from 1964-1998.

Selected works by this author:
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The Conflicted Liberal
Love and politics become a dangerous combination for Professor Benjamin Branch, who takes up pie-throwing to appease his activist girlfriend and protest right-wing politicians and the stolen 2000 presidential election. read more
by Richard A. Schwartz ~ 0-7414-3196-3 ©2006
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