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C. M. Ross III
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Author and visionary C.M. Ross III is the founder of the worldwide spiritual think-tank, The Church of the Spirit of Truth. Inspired and compelled to share his findings, Ross’s thoughtful and uncompromising writing style has captivated readers and fellow thinkers across the globe.

As a high-security specialist/counter-security consultant, Ross’ security company has seen great success in the past ten years since beginning work on his book, Until the Time of the End. With a firm belief in the results of his research, he has ensconced himself in the trends predicted, and remains busy enjoying the thriving returns from his investment.

Selected works by this author:
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Until the Time of the End: The True Story of The Mark, The Number and the Beast
666 -- This is It! The definitive companion guide to Biblical prophecy. This book will give a clear understanding of signs to look for and what they mean for you! read more
by C. M. Ross III ~ 0-7414-3160-2 ©2006
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