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Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed.
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Los Angeles, California

Elizabeth Bennett grew up the State of South Carolina. She is a 1995 graduate of Clemson University with an M.Ed in Guidance and Counseling Services. She worked in the agency setting with children and adults for six years. Since 1995, she has been working on Peer Abuse through observational research and theory development. Through speaking engagements, talk radio, newspaper, Internet and television, she has been able to educate others on Peer Abuse in The USA and Canada. She is involved with various organizations, has been listed with Who’s Who and has been recognized as one of the Great Women Of The 21st Century by The American Biographical Institute.

Selected works by this author:
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Peer Abuse Know More: Bullying From a Psychological Perspective
Peer Abuse is an adult problem because as adults, we allow it to continue.” read more
by Elizabeth Bennett, M.Ed. ~ 0-7414-3265-X ©2006
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