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Will Hutchison
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Will  Hutchison
Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Will Hutchison is a retired officer in the US Army and Marines, and later became a Federal Special Agent. He has engaged in interesting and often dangerous endeavors from combat while in the Marines, to undercover narcotics, to counter-terrorism at nuclear plants. He resides in Gettysburg, where he pursues his writing and occasional law enforcement consulting projects. As an avocation, he has written and lectured on military history internationally for over twenty years. He is a meticulous and passionate historical researcher. To bring this novel to life, he spent long hours at numerous archives within the UK, and made several visits to the Crimea. His writing goal is to give readers a great story, surrounded by accurate history.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Follow Me To Glory
He wanted nothing more than to lead men in war. Despite heavy odds against him, he becomes that leader, only to find the terrible price of glory…one horrific battle at a time! read more
by Will Hutchison ~ 0-7414-3560-8 ©2006
Price: $19.95

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2 .
The Gettysburg Conspiracy
A plot to assassinate Abraham Lincoln. Ian Carlyle must at all costs protect his brother, their family name, the honor of Britain, and, indeed, the President of the United States. read more
by Will Hutchison ~ 0-7414-5650-8 ©2009
Price: $19.95

  Average Rating:

3 .
Satan's Last Whisper
Ian Carlyle on a secret mission for the Queen to the Canadian North-West, Sitting Bull, 5,000 Sioux warriors, and a vicious serial killer, are the ingredients for this sensational thriller. read more
by Will Hutchison ~ 0-7414-8400-5 ©2013
Price: $21.95

  Average Rating: (not rated)

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