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Ian Hirschsohn
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Salana Beach, California

Ian Hirschsohn was born, and grew up, in South Africa. As an intern engineer on the gold mines, Ian worked two miles underground in the heat of a sauna. He developed a deep respect for the sweat-covered Zulus who manned the bone-jarring drills in the crawl space of a house. He resolved to tell the remarkable story of Shaka.

As a student, Ian hitch-hiked around southern Africa. At night he walked into the nearest police station and asked for a cell. Later, Ian drove a beat-up jeep across the Kalahari Desert, shooting wild animals – with a camera.

Now retired in San Diego, California, Ian can fulfill his promise.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
African Caesar: Warrior Genius
True story, South Africa early 1800. Shaka, a bastard, forges the tiny Zulu army into superb athletes, who conquer an empire. Master not only of tactics, but all elements of “modern” war. read more
by Ian Hirschsohn ~ 0-7414-3668-X ©2007
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