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Errol Daisley
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Scarsdale, New York

The author was born in a small island in the Caribbean into a Christian family in which most of its members were preachers and teachers. While professionally he practiced as a consultant civil engineer he eventually became involved in a teaching ministry, particularly in the area of Biblical finances. The favor of God on his life is the subject of another book, The Right Hand of God. This present book is the result of a revelation given him as to the importance of the father’s presence and role in the home and the consequences of his disobedience to God and infidelity to his family. The author is now a resident of the United States of America, has been married for forty-seven years and is the father of four children.

Selected works by this author:
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Marriage vs. Katrina, The Spirit of Divorce
The book brings a spiritual perspective to the problems of marriage. It teaches what is right in marriage, what is wrong, how to come right, and how to stay right. read more
by Errol Daisley ~ 0-7414-3767-8 ©2007
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