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Sharon Foltz, Ed.D.
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Indianola, Indiana

Author Sharon Foltz loved hearing her grandparents talk of the old country, remember funny situations, relive their good memories, and give the children good, solid advice. But she was too young to keep the advice in mind.

Now qualified with four university degrees, Dr. Foltz encourages her readers to become writers of ethical wills for the benefit of the next generations. After explaining the content and forms of the ethical will, she provides many examples of possible ethical wills and blesses every effort toward leaving them to their heirs –family, friends, church or club, and community.

Selected works by this author:
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Passing Your Heritage On: A Guide to Writing Your Ethical Wills
Passing Your Heritage On: A Guide to Writing Your Ethical Will, a book explaining ethical wills, includes many samples for you to use as a guide to writing you own. read more
by Sharon Foltz, Ed.D. ~ 0-7414-3795-3 ©2007
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