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William Torbitt II
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Rivins, Texas

Bob Doran has been looking into the Custer Battle for more then fifty years! While living in Northern Utah, he was able to review the Walter M. Camp Collection for nearly twenty years. His experience in Western Horsemanship, and as a Cavalry Reenactor has led him to research how the Old Army trained their men and horses. This study has revealed many secrets of the Custer Battle. Bob has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, with a double major in Studio Painting and American West studies, a lifetime love for horses, and his wife of forty-six years, not necessarily in that order!

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Horsemanship at Little Big Horn
A Cavalry Reenactor looks at the Battle of the Little Big Horn. A horseman’s viewpoint of the tactical deployment reveals the secrets and the real events behind the “Custer Myths.” read more
by William Torbitt II ~ 0-7414-4056-3 ©2007
Price: $19.95

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2 .
Mistaken Identity
Robert Kennedy’s 1965 secret investigation led to Jim Garrison to indict Clay Shaw. That led to the “Torbitt Document” that revealed the Cabal that killed President F. John Kennedy. read more
by William Torbitt II ~ 9781495811234 ©2016
Price: $49.95

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