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David L. Hayward
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Leucadia, California

David L. Hayward is a Principal at Hayward Consulting LLC, a utility valuation and policy consulting firm in Leucadia, California. He has a M.S. degree in economics from the University of Utah and is a Certified Rate of Return Analyst (CRRA)—an expert in utility cost of capital and utility finance.

Mr. Hayward has authored five other books including: Valuing A Water Utility for the National Association of Water Companies (NAWC).

He has more than 25 years of experience in the field of public utilities and is a part-time economics instructor at the University of Phoenix, San Diego.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Dangerous Waters: Terrorism and the Russian Mafia
Mix Russian Mafia money, greed, ineffective utility regulation, lack of homeland security, terrorism, and water—essential for human life. Result: thousands of Americans killed in the crime of the century. read more
by David L. Hayward ~ 0-7414-4282-5 ©2007
Price: $15.95

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2 .
The Economic Value of Water Utility Service
Generally, water utility rates do not represent the full value of water services. This book shows how water utilities can price their services to match their customers’ willingness to pay. read more
by David L. Hayward ~ 0-7414-5206-5 ©2009
Price: $119.95

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3 .
Water Utility Costs, Values, Rates, and Subsidies: A Strategy For Regulatory Reform
Topics include: (1) 18 forms of subsidies in the water utility industry; (2) steps for decision makers to implement water utility pricing and other regulatory reforms; (3) the 5 components of the full cost of water and the 5 elements of water value; (4) willingness-to-pay studies; (5) methods of calculating marginal costs; (6) cost-benefit analysis in the water industry; (7) financial versus economic analysis; (8) key legal decisions related to ratemaking; (9) how environmental economic principles can be applied to water utilities; and (10) a review of microeconomics as applied to the water utility industry. read more
by David L. Hayward ~ 0-7414-6941-3 ©2012
Price: $119.95

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4 .
Valuing A Water Utility, 3rd Edition - Hardcover
Valuing a Water Utility is the one-stop source for both water utility industry managers (investor-owned and government-owned utilities) and other valuation analysts that do not have experience valuing rate-regulated utilities. Understanding the framework—accounting, finance, economics, and legal—is essential for a thorough valuation study. The book covers valuation approaches applicable to water utilities, a case study—Westpac Utilities, the basics of regulation and ratemaking, an overview of the water utility industry, and small water utility issues. The book is a must read for owners considering selling their utilities, potential buyers, and their advisors (e.g., legal, financial, accounting). read more
by David L. Hayward ~ 0-7414-9832-4 ©2013
Price: $119.95

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5 .
valuing A Water Utility, 4th Edition
Often, analysts using convential approaches and methods for valuing a water utility quickly find themselves overwhelmed. This is particularly true of accounting principles and practices unique to rate-regulated water utilities. It also pertains to applied microeconomics which is virtually ignored in typical valuation studies. As an illustration, in one assignment, just overlooking a water utility’s arsinic problem resulted in a $90 million error! read more
by David L. Hayward ~ 1-4958-1395-9 ©2017
Price: $199.95

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