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Jean Gremion
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Jean Gremion has worked as a journalist and writer for French television, cinema, and magazines and is currently filming documentaries dealing with China. It was his interest in the theater arts that led him to Alfredo Corrado and the deaf community in Paris in the 1970’s. Corrado, a deaf American, went to France to set up the International Visual Theatre as a venue for artistic endeavors by deaf performers. Gremion served as liaison with numerous government ministries to solicit financial backing. The project came to fruition and eventually expanded to include a deaf cultural center offering sign language courses–something that had never before existed in France.

Selected works by this author:
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Deaf Planet
Deaf Planet provides a fascinating glimpse at an artistically and culturally rich world virtually unknown to most hearing people. read more
by Jean Gremion ~ 0-7414-0947-X ©2007
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