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Joanne B. Parotta
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Vancouver, British Columbia

Life coach Joanne B. Parrotta is a published motivational writer and the creator of the WiseAdviceBooks Series. Through her writing, she reaches out to counsel others and share her wisdom and passions with her readers. She writes books that will make a difference in people’s lives. Parrotta’s publications include: A Matter of Destiny: How to Find and Marry Your Soulmate. The Little Gold Book of Money and Happiness, The Promiscuous Woman: Modern Attitudes about Love and Sex and The Promiscuous Teen: Cause for Concern. To learn more about Parrotta and her works visit If you wish to contact the author you can e-mail her at: .

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A Matter of Destiny: How to Find & Marry Your Soulmate
This is book is in audio format on 3 audio CDs. read more
by Joanne B. Parotta ~ 1-60031-026-5 ©2008
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