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Namlha H. Pesoj
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Provo, Utah

Namlha H. Pesoj was born into California’s surfing community during the late 50’s. He grew-up during the tumult of the 60’s and the excess of the 70’s. He had many friends, loved to surf, pursued the arts, and graduated from college in the 80’s. In the 90’s his soul searching lead him into what he now calls “Soul Art”. In describing this craft he explains, “The canvas of the heart is the most beautiful medium in the universe--for love exists in no other stratum.” The entire Mirror Mirror series is dedicated to this pursuit.

Selected works by this author:
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Chameleon on the Glass
Chameleon on the Glass is an illustrated story about a chameleon who wants to find his true color. This allegory about the search for Self will appeal to all ages. read more
by Namlha H. Pesoj ~ 0-7414-4875-0 ©2008
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