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Lestra Hutula
Chesterfield, Michigan

Lestra and Jill are impulse-driven, hands-on educated women who spend their days pretending to become experts (hardly) on the subject of “Ultimate Males.” After realizing the universe would not allow them to behave like ordinary people, they decided to accept their fates and utilize their superpowers for good and just a bit of mischief. As the infamous Y.U.M! Girls, they’ll keep you on your toes with their humor-rich, sassy attitudes and real-life, over-the-top antics. Basically, they’re the “silly little freaks” you’re about to get to know.

Selected works by this author:
1 .
Y.U.M! (Your Ultimate Male!): A female critique of the male physique
A clever collection of juicy details that resulted from surveying women who weren’t afraid to ‘tell-all’ and answer questions like, “What is your favorite part of the male anatomy?” read more
by Lestra Hutula ~ 0-7414-5120-4 ©2008
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