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Patrick V. Garland
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Sun City Center, Florida

The author loves research, especially involving his life career. A retired military criminal investigator, he carried his law enforcement credentials into the civilian forensic science field. Trained by the Army in forensic ballistics, he remained in this field until 1995. Living in Sun City Center, Florida, with his wife of 40+ years, he writes on military and police subjects.

Selected works by this author:
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A Forgotten Soldier: The Life and Times of Major General Harry Hill Bandholtz
Harry observed, “He resorted to all sorts of evasions and circumlocutions, which may have been intentional or may have been due to his grade of intelligence, which appears to be about that of a comatose caribou.” read more
by Patrick V. Garland ~ 0-7414-5189-1 ©2009
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