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H. Charles St. Clair
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Virginia Beach, Virginia

H. Charles “Chuck” St. Clair is a retired middle school science teacher who lives in Tidewater Virginia with his wife and five cats. He is an omnivorous reader with interests ranging from science to history and political science. It is not unusual for him to be involved in three books simultaneously. Dr. St. Clair enjoys travel, music, plays and movies. He rarely reads fiction but can recite the dialogue of the Godfather, Patton, Scent of a Woman, or Field of Dreams from memory. (However he does have problems remembering what his wife sends him to buy at the supermarket.)

Selected works by this author:
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The Odyssey of a Middle School Teacher
The Odyssey of a Middle School Teacher is a captivating and humorous story about a mid-life career changer. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll say “It can’t be true.” But the subtitle declares: “I Swear I’m Not Making This “Stuff” Up!” See for yourself. read more
by H. Charles St. Clair ~ 0-7414-5629-X ©2009
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