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Vivian Palmer Harvey
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Phoenix, Oregon

Vivian Palmer Harvey is a missionary kid and boarding school survivor. From age five and a half, she attended Mamou Alliance Academy nine months a year, where, like her siblings and peers, she experienced severe abuse of all kinds. Years later, as she began facing buried memories, she discovered that Native Americans were also forced into missionary schools and suffered similar abuse. She and her husband have since developed close relationships with many Native people, traveling extensively to support tribal efforts at language revitalization. Today she serves on the board of MK Safety Net, an organization supporting former missionary kids.

Selected works by this author:
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The Missionary Myth
Few of us know how pervasive the abuse is in missionary boarding schools, where predatory caregivers make children into sacrificial lambs for the kingdom of God. read more
by Vivian Palmer Harvey ~ 0-7414-5630-3 ©2009
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