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Martin Beaulieu
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Perth-Andover, New Brunswick

Martin Beaulieu is the author of The Bad Things, a precursor to The Mindbenders. He was born in Canada, and spent several years in the U.S., where he worked as a computer programmer. Martin states that the story developed from a dream fragment, in which a buckboard wagon flew over a saloon in Durango. Only the fragment survived; he has no idea what the dream was about. He currently lives in New Brunswick, Canada, where he writes full time. He doesn’t own a cell phone. Check out his web page at

Selected works by this author:
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The Mindbenders
“Join you to do what?” “Why, to destroy the country, of course. To torture, maim and kill every man, woman and child on the continent.” Clay blanched. Royx meant it. read more
by Martin Beaulieu ~ 0-7414-5559-5 ©2009
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