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John J. Trombetti
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Redondo Beach, California

John J. Trombetti has been an ardent fan of football for over 50 years, and, although an observer, provides a workable solution for a win-win philosophy that has worked in all his business transactions throughout his construction and real estate career. He was born in Ohio, the ‘Cradle of Football’, and has seen and heard all of the arguments for and against a playoff system. His favorite team of all time will always be ‘the’ 1968 Ohio State Buckeyes ‘Super Sophs’ who won the 1968 National Championship.

Selected works by this author:
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December Dream...Qualifying for the Final BCS Rankings
I have formulated a structure that would be conducive to the system we have today, without the need to recalibrate the Bowl system we have grown to love. My system will change the way we look at the BCS, and will vindicate the results without any changes to the system in use today. The Schools will continue to share in the system, and a few of the non-BCS Conferences may also earn their justified right to play in the BCS Bowls This book is an 'out of the box' suggestion. It will give the fans some of the greatest football contests we could have never had the foresightedness to schedule, and answer the question . . . Who is the undisputed National Champion. read more
by John J. Trombetti ~ 0-7414-5681-8 ©2010
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