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Cheryl D. Nash
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Winsted, Connecticut

From an early age, I have enjoyed writing and reading. I would constantly conceive story themes, from a sound, a sight, a feel, a smell, or a dream. All I needed was a small kernel of a story theme; from there I would create around it. I remember when I was in middle school I receiving a D on a story assignment in English. I asked my teacher why I had received a D. She told me that I must have copied the story from somewhere. Indeed, I did not, it was an original story created around our neighborhood Halloween Party. I could not convince her otherwise!! I almost lost my dream of being a writer. I’m glad I decided to write anyway. I hope you enjoy the stories I have authored, as I have enjoyed creating them!

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152 Brooks
152 Brooks is a hauntingly romantic, ghost story. It is a story of love and every human emotion that spans the human psyche, a story that reminds us of all our human limitations. read more
by Cheryl D. Nash ~ 0-7414-5788-1 ©2010
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